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This presentation will cover an overview of the Basic Pillars of Islam.

Picture of the Masjid An-Nabawi:

The Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)'s birthday will be celebrated

worldwide on September, 27, 2023

(His birthdate was on April 22, 571 AD)

Medina: 2nd Holiest City in Islam

See What People Are Saying


"The various presentations about Islam, by Ola Nosseir, are extremely important for educating Westchester neighbors from various religious traditions about Islam. Some of the presentations include Muslim teachings on "Women in Islam," "The Prophet Jesus and Virgin Mary," and "The Hajj." The books, pictures, and clothing she makes available about Islam give the audience important resources to see and touch. The Q and A is always an important opportunity to ask questions about Islam that Ola is able to answer from her own experience as a Muslim woman, mother, activist, and member of the American Muslim Women's Association (AMWA) who is also a member of the Briarcliff Manor/Ossining Ministerial Association (BOMA). I highly recommend her presentations, that also includes Islam 101, a basic primer on Islam."

Charles S. Chesnavage, PhD, President, Westchest​er Coalition against Islamophobia and Professor of World Religions at Mercy College in the Bronx and Unification Theological Seminary in New York City, NY

June 27, 2018

"I highly recommend [Ola's] presentations, that also includes Islam 101, a basic primer on Islam."

Ossining Public Library


"I was thrilled to have the presentation at the OPL titled "Islam 101". In such an important time in our society, now was a good time more than ever to educate the community on the subject. My goal was to bring the community together and have a lively positive discussion and we accomplished that. A big thank you to Ola Nosseir for a job well-done. I look forward to having more of these presentations at OPL in the future and bringing the community together more and more."

James Trapasso, Director of Public Relations

Ossining Public Library

March 15, 2017

(Presentation was done on 12/03/2015

at Ossining Public Library, Ossining, NY)

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